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  • 3 October 2019
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What does "Other" indicate in the Product Analyzer flow? Are they unmapped features? If they are, how can I map them out so my path is clear?


Best answer by michael_sweeney 3 October 2019, 21:07

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3 replies

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Hey Cody, Mike from support here. Just so I am clear would you be able to provide a quick screenshot of what you are referrign to?

Happy to take off line through a ticket if you would like.



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Thanks @michael_sweeney, circled the output below. If you cant see it, let me know maybe I can tighten up the picture a bit.

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Hey Cody,

In Path Analyzer you just see the top 10, all other features are are grouped together as OTHER.

Meaning if from Feature A -> users tend to go to 100 different features. You will see the 9 most common features on the screen explicitly, and all other 91 less common features will be grouped as "others"

Also... Love the Pickle Rick..ha