Open an engagement immediately after another one is finished or closed

  • 27 September 2023
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We want to show 2 engagements immediately after each other. So when the user finishes or closes one, the next one should directly pop up. We have added Engagement 1 is viewed more than 0 times to the audience of the second engagement, but that only shows up after the user has clicked somewhere, meaning they could move to a different screen, which we don't want. How can we solve this?

4 replies

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Does engagement 2 show up if you set it to show when engagement 1 is completed? 

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Thanks for you reply @mmarques 

What would completed mean exactly? We want it to show up regardless of the fact if the user went to the last step of the first engagement; I've always interpreted "completed" as having gone through all of the steps of the engagement until the end (instead of closing out early).

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Thanks for posting to PX Community Jef @Jef Vanlaer !


Your use case described above is something that many of our customers currently do with PX Engagements.


PX automatically tracks interaction with PX Engagements as follows:


VIEWED = the user got to at least the first step of an Engagement. 

COMPLETED = the user got to the last step of an Engagement. 

For Dialog type Engagements,VIEWED/COMPLETED happen at the same time as there is only 1 step.


In your particular use case, you need the user to be taken to the next Engagement immediately after VIEWING and/or COMPLETING the Engagement.  I do think using Engagement Audience Logic Rules will work most times, since they are evaluated immediately after the PX Engagement is closed by the user. 


However, there is another option available in Dialog and Guide Engagements that allows one to redirect the user to a specific URL upon Close and Completing the Engagement.  So, using this Action setting, one could redirect the user to a specific URL such as “” and include that URL in the Audience Logic for the second Engagement so that it will be triggered.  See screenshots below For a Dialog and Guide Engagement:



I have also seen customers recently using the newer Guide Custom Buttons to redirect the user to similar URLs, which may be something to also consider for your use case.


I hope this helps!


Here are some related PX Community posts that cover similar use cases that you can review … if you have not already seen them.




Happy PX-ing!!!!

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Thank you @link_black . We'll look into this.