Localisation of Badge only guides

  • 9 April 2021
  • 3 replies

In a couple of places within our product we use a “guide” as a tooltip.

However it seems that with this setup the localisation fails to work, the text is always displayed in the default language in the application (for us this is English).

We have other guides which have multiple dialogs that popup in sequence, and these seem to localise correctly (including the on hover tooltip (which from what i understand is the same thing as what we are trying to achieve above)).

  • Is this something that other people have experienced?
  • Should we be using another mechanism for localised tooltips?

3 replies

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This is definitely a bug, the localization should also work for the badge hover/tooltip… I have gone ahead and filed a ticket internally to get this resolved for you.

Should be fixed in time for our upcoming PX Release scheduled for April 21 (if not before). I’ll post back here when fixed.

@angelo is there any update on this?

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It did not make it to our QA cycle in time for the release that just went out Wednesday… we will push it out as part of a hotfix within the couple weeks.