KC Bot: Hiding engagements based on audiences

  • 19 May 2023
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Problem: Our clients have an option of integrating Account A, Account B, or integrating both of them with our platform. These clients have the same plan, but showing them the same engagements in their onboarding checklist doesn’t make sense as some of them may be centered around Account A or B which the client might not have connected.

Is there any way to have the same KC Bot for the same audience, but showing them different engagements based on their audience rules?

I tried creating a test bot for myself with one engagement having a rule that would never trigger (set audience rule of a random email ID) and one engagement that would trigger, but I could see both of these in the KC Bot, so I assume the audience rules for engagement don’t matter.

Is there any reason that the audience rules for engagements aren’t honoured and a static checklist is being shown with all engagements?

1 reply

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My understanding is that if an engagement is included as content in a KC bot, then the audience rules on a specific engagement are moot. 

I have created some engagements that are triggered by Automatic as well as Knowledge Center. In that instance, the audience rules apply for the Automatic launch, but any user who can see the KC bot can open that engagement at any time. 

Another suggestion might be to use the Recommendations in the KC bot. You could create a list of recommended engagements for Product A and a second one for Product B. You create audience rules for the recommendations, so could target the users of products that way.

From release notes: