How long before a user sees an engagement again after snoozing?

  • 13 September 2023
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I am testing hour the Snooze button for our “What’s new” announcement slider engagements.

These engagements are set to show only once to every user on a specific URL. For testing, I am showing only to users in my test account.

I launched my test engagement, then went to the URL where the slider should show. The engagement slider appeared automatically. I clicked “Show me later” (snooze button), and the engagement went away.

However, when I navigate to other areas of the application and come back to the URL that should launch the announcement, the slider does not open automatically.

How long is the Snooze for? I realize that it would be annoying to users to see the announcement again too soon. However, I don’t see a place where the time is set on Snooze. I’m happy for it not to show up immediately, but would like to understand the timing interval.


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5 replies

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Hi @mmarques,

I asked this question in a previous support ticket I submitted. This is what I was told:


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@JayS - But do they qualify immediately? Or after 15 minutes? After a day? 

I had an engagement set to “only once” for my test account on a specific URL.

I saw the engagement and snoozed. Then navigated away from that URL and came back, but did not see the engagement again.

Did I not wait long enough? How long is the snooze for?

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Update: I did see the engagement the next day. But would still like to know the time interval for the snooze. 

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@mmarques my understanding is that if the engagement is scheduled for multiple views, the interval would be whatever is set for the schedule.

Sorry, but I don’t know about the snooze interval if the schedule is set to Only Once.

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@JayS - In case you were curious…. I checked with Support, and they say:

The expected behavior in that case is that the user would see the engagement again when they qualify in their next session. So the interval isn't time-based, but rather based on the session ID. The apt.sid cookie will expire after 30 minutes of inactivity (by default), and is often deleted on log out from the end application, if your team implemented that.