Engagement - Editing new window

  • 17 March 2023
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I am new to Gainsight PX, and trying to create an engagement for my product. We’ve got everything set up, and the engagement steps work fine on my product home page which is mapped (I’m using in-app editing). I am able to create dialogs, map tooltips to UI elements, add my own text to everything.

However, when I try to add a step on a pop-up window screen on the page, the steps do not seem to respond. They appear but I cannot edit them. I can map a tooltip to UI elements on the pop-up window/modal, but I can’t edit them.

3 replies

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Have you tried going back to the editor in Gainsight PX to edit those steps?

@mmarques I have, with no success. In fact, I have went back, and toggled between the new and old editors but in vain. For me, it looks like the editor isn’t recognizing the new window on the home page even though the URL doesn’t change or anything.

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Hi @kripesh.thekkayil   This sounds like a potential issue - can you please reach out to  to open a ticket so they can troubleshoot with you?  They should be able to help! :)