Does PX Pass Pull Attributes After Page Loaded?

Hello, I am trying to implement PX on one of my products and am wondering if PX has the ability to collect an attribute after the page loads. For example, once the page is loaded a user selects a product map feature.  After they trigger that event, we’d sent an attribute of a changed state back to PX.  Would PX pick this up, or is it only when the page loads? 


I know there are various ways within product mapper to trigger changed state, but we are looking specifically for attributes as we’d want to send information behind the UI. 


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Hello @bryanpaul ,

Thanks for posting this on PX Community.

I request you to provide us the end to end usecase, so that I can try to implement the usecase and provide a possible solution.

The use case you shared on the above question, doesn’t help me to understand the real value.

Hi @dileepnalla 

I work with Bryan and can probably better answer this.

The use case is as below:

  • A user in our software can have access to multiple different “projects,” for lack of a better universal term, each with its own attributes and information. We want to deliver an engagement based on one attribute of the project. The attribute, which I will refer to as attribute X, can either be true or false (boolean) based on the selected project
  • So here are the steps
    • User navigates to a page where they can select projects
    • from a dropdown on the page, user selects their project
    • The page loads the information for that project and displays it to the user (this loads on the same page, they are not navigated to a new one so url remains the same)
    • Once the page loads the project, our system now knows if attribute x is true or false for the selected project
    • if attribute x is true, then we want to deliver a banner notification to our users via gainsight

Let me know if this is clearer for you. Thank you!

Hi @dileepnalla , any updates to this question?  Thanks!

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Hi @bryanpaul ,

The use case was clear, my team is working on impelementing the use case, shall get back to you in a day or two.

This can be easily achived using custom events & properties. Upon the change in the project, we can trigger a custom event, along with its attributes.

You can configure the below custom event code, upon the change event in the dropdown value

aptrinsic('track', 'Project Change', {"Project Name":"Project_1" "Attribute X": true}); // example:1

aptrinsic('track', 'Project Change', {"Project Name":"Project_2" "Attribute X": false}); //example:2

So, according to the above code, when user visits Project_1, the x attribute can be set to true/false, then you can configure this critera in the engagement to display.

Before we provide you the sample example, I recomend you to refer the below doc.

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Hi @bryanpaul & jgarciagp

As promised here is the implementation video, please check this out and let us know if this is helpful.


@srinivas myakala Thanks for your efforts

Thank you for this information!