Clarify Exit, Skip, Snooze and Guide Completion Status

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I can’t figure out from the documentation exactly how these 3 buttons (Exit, Skip, Snooze) work, in relation to the Audience Rules (In-App Engagement “Completed”) and Qualification Intervals and CTA’s (Links or Custom Buttons)?

Some Questions:

  1. If a user clicks a link (CTA), does that mark the guide as completed?   My understanding is “No”.
  2. If a user clicks a custom button and that custom button closes the guide, is the engagement marked as completed?
  3. What is the difference between Skip and Snooze?
    1. If a user “Skips” is the guide marked as completed?   If not, do the intervals still apply?
    2. If the user snoozes, I would assume the intervals apply and the guide is only marked as “viewed”?

Thanks for anyone that can help clarify!

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@jmobley - appreciate if you can help get this clarified.  The documentation doesn’t cover how all these inter-relate:


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@rterakedis - I thought that a guide was completed if someone saw every tooltip and dialog in the guide. Otherwise, I think that it is viewed.

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Hey Everyone!  Here are the answers from our Product Team but I have also requested us to create some better documentation around this


If an engagement is snoozed is it counted as a view but not a completion?

  • Yes, it is counted as Viewed with a Snoozed action taken.
  • The Snoozed engagement is not counted under Completed
  • Only for a single step Guide - even if user snoozes the engagement it is marked as complete because the user has seen the engagement. We will look at fixing this that a Snoozed engagement at that is not to be considered as Complete in that interaction.


Do we have reporting on the number of users who have snoozed?

  1. In the analytics, there will be a column for Snoozed which if non-zero then denotes that the user has snoozed the Engagement
  2. There is no direct filter for now - but from Analytics you will be able to check the users who have Snoozed the engagement

How does it work with throttling and priority if using the only once qualification scope?

  1. If the engagement is not marked for Ignore Throttling then a snoozed engagement will adhere to the Throttling norms because a Snoozed engagement is also counted as a View
  2. Hence Throttling will be adhered to.


What is the difference between the skip tour button and the snooze button when on an interval scope?


  1. Functionally Skip and Snooze will not have any difference for Interval Qualification scope
  2. The difference will only arise in analytics - where Snooze interaction can be tracked but not the Skip.

 If a user will not meet the qualification scope again after they have snoozed it, will the engagement just not reappear? ie, if an engagement is set for 'all users who have used x feature less than 1 time', will the users not see this engagement again since they're no longer qualifying for it? 


  1. Yes, for a user to be able to see the snoozed engagement, the user needs to qualify for the engagement at that point of time. Our real time evaluation mechanism triggers only those engagements to the user for which they qualify.

If an engagement is paused before a user is able to see the engagement after snoozing it, will the user still see this engagement?


  1. A completed or paused engagement is never triggered to any user and we follow the same irrespective of an engagement was snoozed or not.
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Also just FYI this is currently Planned in our Roadmap (no firm date)

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@kathleenkenny23  - This is excellent!   Thank you for tracking this all down and for laying it out so well!   This definitely helped fill in the blanks!

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Hi @kathleenkenny23

@jmobley has been looking into this as well, but I thought I would add to this thread.

The only thing that is still outstanding in my mind is if snooze and close (the upper-right “X”) are functionally the same (except for the tracking of snooze that you mentioned)? If we have the engagement set for the user to view 3 times with at least 7 days between views, they’ll only qualify to see it 3 times total, regardless of whether they click snooze, correct?