Can you use tokens in mobile engagements or are there other ways to pass data?

  • 13 September 2021
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We do a yearly customer survey that uses a 3rd party survey tool and has open text fields for feedback. To expand our reach, we’ve gone beyond just sending the survey link in email and are running engagements to get higher user participation. We’ve successfully used the tokens to customize the survey URL and run the survey with our web based audience.

But we have a different audience that uses our mobile app but it does not seem like tokens of any kind are supported in mobile. Is this true and if so, has anyone found any workarounds for passing user info in mobile for tracking responses?

1 reply

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Thanks for posting to PX Community @gen.simmons !


I believe they are supported, but the insert token button is not available in our WYSIWYG editor.  Try clicking where you want the merge field to show in your mobile engagement and then type “{{“ to have the field selector displayed.  See screenshots below: