Assistant in Real Time (like "Clippy")

  • 4 September 2019
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It would be awesome if the tool could "pop up" with suggestions when someone is completing a task (specifically during first couple of week? that they become an administrator). For example, if someone is completing Task A, the associated workflow would pop up "I see you are creating Task A, would you like step by step instructions". The user could then choose to snooze or disable to pop ups.


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3 replies

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Hi Kayla!

Thanks for your feedback! I definitely see the value of this and have a few suggestions.

1) Create the tooltip guide and place in the Knowledge Center Bot for users to access in the future at any time. Recommended.

2) Create the guide and set the qualification scope to "Every Session" which means the tooltip will appear every time they log in and they can "X" out of the guide.

What's on the roadmap this year is static tooltips; you can think of this as tooltips that stay in one place and you can open or close them out, but they'll be in one place all the time.

CC @ciarapeter @mickey - feedback for PX roadmap!

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To further on Alex's suggestion, on point 2, you can totally trigger engagements based on your use case. For eg: you can define the rule for trigger as: When Action X was taken (assuming this is step 1 in your workflow), please trigger this guide


When When Action X was taken (assuming this is step 1 in your workflow) but Action Y was not taken (assuming this is the last or middle step in your workflow), trigger this guide to help them complete the workflow.

What do you think?