Account Feature Filters in Dashboard

  • 14 September 2020
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I was wondering why I cannot filter a set of accounts by the features they touched in within the Dashboard. But I can filter by the features each user touched. This makes the filtering process as well as the numbers viewable on the widget a bit cumbersome and hard to understand. Am I doing something wrong here?


This request gets an error each time and drops the Accoont Features filter.


4 replies

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@JPKelliher apologies for the delay here. Is the issue got solved or does this still exists? Please let us know, the delay will not be repeat again. 

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@sai_ram  Thank you for following up. We are still running into this issue.


The use case is as follows. We want to create a dashboard widget that shows active account only that have interacted with a specific feature and a comparable widget for active accounts that touch a different feature to compare the adoption of these two competing features.

When trying to add an “Account Features” filter to the “Active Accounts” widget, I continually receive this error.



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@JPKelliher sorry for the inconvenience. Will discuss with product team and get back to you.

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@JPKelliher Creating a support ticket for you, to investigate further