US Admin Office Hours (Tuesday session) - 09/21/21 - 1 pm PT / 2pm MT / 3pm CT / 4pm ET - Pre-session Thread

  • 20 September 2021
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Hello everyone!

This thread is for today’s Tuesday Admin Office Hours session on Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021 at 1pm PT / 2pm MT / 3pm CT / 4pm ET.

Please submit your questions below as replies to this post in advance if you can, and we'll address them during the session (or if there’s a quick answer available, we’ll post as replies to the questions).

There is no need to register for these sessions - you can join at any time. Once the session is underway, I will go in order of questions posted below first, then field questions from anybody else who has joined as well. Look forward to talking with you!

Conference Details (Zoom):

Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021 at 1pm PT / 2pm MT / 3pm CT / 4pm ET

Join Zoom Meeting:


Meeting ID: 939 7249 7920

Password: F7msaSQ3


For dial-in info by your location, find your local number:

4 replies

Can you add more data or have more data available in drill downs? 


I have a DD report where the report requestor is asking for additional data to be included in the drill down.  They want to keep the original report as a graph but when I add the additional data, DD wants to not allow a graph, only the table view.

I have a question about customizing a report’s colors. 


I have 3 questions I’d like to talk through:

  • We are updating our NPS journey/protocol and are hoping to add in a “Thank you” page to the end of the survey. Is this possible? And if so, can we use logic to make a distinct thank-you message show dependent upon the client’s NPS score?
  • How can CSMs see the default list view for Contacts rather than the People Maps view? Use case: we are probably NOT implementing People Maps for all 50k of our accounts, but rather will only be leveraging this for the top 1-2k. What are our options for making this easier for CSMs to see the view that they’re looking for?
  • What is the best way to share program analytics with those who only have viewer Gainsight licenses (aka not full licenses)?

Having trouble with Rules Engine, in which Rules using the “Contact” object from Salesforce are not showing the Account Lookup or Account Lookup fields in the rule build setup. 

If I make a report using Contact object, I do see the Account Lookup fields and available use. 

Do you know how to fix this for the rules engine?