Pulse Conference 2020: Looking for Admin & Technical Presenters!

  • 4 February 2020
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Pulse Conference 2020: Looking for Admin & Technical Presenters!
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Admin Success Track Overview


Attendees loved having an entire track devoted to Admins at last year’s Pulse, so this year we’re going even bigger with a whole track dedicated to technical and administrative concepts presented by Gainsight admins at Pulse 2020! This year’s event is also in San Francisco, CA, from May 13 - 14. 

In the Admin & Technical track, we’ll share Gainsight product-specific, actionable content for and by our amazing admin community. That’s right: we’re asking all-star Gainsight admins to present their technical solution AND go deep on how they did it. 

If that has you thinking about what you might share, read on!


Signup to Present at Pulse!


Would you like to be a featured presenter on our Admin & Technical track? If you have a creative solution you built using the Gainsight Platform to showcase, or specific technical lessons learned around a use case or feature in Gainsight to share, send an email to adminSummit@gainsight.com with your presentation idea. We'll pick the most creative submissions over the coming weeks and reach out to you to share more details. 

Presenters at Pulse get their event pass comped, so you can attend for free (event admission is covered, but travel and other expenses are not)!

Some example customer showcases from previous events:

  • Strategies to drive internal adoption

  • Handing a massive customer upgrade initiative (70,000+ customers)

  • Managing large volumes of data from multiple source systems

  • Using Journey Orchestrator to onboard new customer cohorts at scale

  • Making CTAs more actionable (including feedback loops from the users to the admin)

Last call for submissions February 28.


We look forward to hearing your awesome ideas AND seeing you at PULSE!!

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We can’t wait to see all the amazing ideas from our admin community! 

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Tagging some of our certified admins and most active members for consideration:

@kytpowell @shannon @john_apple @colleen_fleming @pele @joe_difilippo @puna @anna_whitehouse @mary_taylor @lori_dinardo @justine_billante @kstewart1289 @harriseilenberg @samantha_braastad @andy_buchanan @kyle_handley @davebrown2242 @sainyam_sandhu @ashcha @jason_hoe @mhoangws @shiela_kern @colette_goode @kcsp @heather_hansen @sagan_sherlin @manmeet_dosanjh @faust_belarmino @cmultanen @kelly @keith_mattes @angela_domenichelli @amanda_neil @katie_b @ana_g @jaw @victoria_peeker_barry @tony_tao @ml2019 @andy_roy @sierra_evans @lyne_therien @mark_gecsey @anthony_sabato_5de748 @acote @puna @jeremy_johnston @todd_massey_e05fab 


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We’ve gotten some great responses so far, and we’re extending the deadline to this Fri. Feb. 28! So, if you’ve been chewing on an idea, send it in asap!