Zendesk and gainsight

  • 20 July 2021
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We would like to know if it’s technically possible to build an integration to push data from Gainsight into zendesk. We are trying to keep our team in Gainsight as much as possible and recently rolled out zendesk for some of our internal teams, and would like for our CSM’s to enter data into Gainsight that then creates the tickets in zendesk. 


Not Sure if anyone has done this or if it’s possible but curious for thoughts! 

6 replies

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Hi @jbeker, thank you for submitting this request. Currently, we don't have sync from  Gainsight to Zendesk as a feature. We will add this to our backlog and work on the technical feasibility. We will post an update as soon as we have one.

Thanks Ritesh-Is it technically possible to do though without waiting on a feature from Gainsight? For example, can we dump the data in a S3 file and then can zendesk import it that way? 

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Hi @jbeker yes, you can use a Gainsight Rule action to push data either to S3 ( to external systems that might have an API (

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@jbeker did you get a chance to view the comments here? Do you need any help here?

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@jbeker -  I’ve never built this in the past but I have a couple ideas you might want to try out. 

You can have the CSMs create a record in GS like a timeline activity or another specific record type on the C360. Once the record is created, you could use JO to email the details to your Support email address and if it’s connected to Zendesk, that could create a ticket. 

Another option you may want to investigate is to have Gainsight create a ticket in Salesforce. Salesforce has a good integration with Zendesk that can be leveraged for a ticket sync. Through this integration, you can create the ticket in SFDC and then it would automatically create it in Zendesk.


I haven’t tested the above or tried it before but I’m confident that if you use Salesforce, you could do it. The other option, as @dan_ahrens mentioned, would be to use the APIs to trigger the creation automatically. It wouldn’t be too hard for a developer to build something out for you here.

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Creating tickets in Zendesk from Gainsight: