What is the equivalent MDA in NXT for the JBCXM_PlaybookTasks__c which is in SFDC Version?

  • 6 October 2021
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Hello Team, 


I am trying to get the list of Task details and the associated Playbook details. I can do this in SFDC version by fetching the info from JBCXM_PlaybookTasks__c in SFDC Version. But in NXT version I don't see an option to fetch the information I am looking for.




We are using Gainsight NXT version in our company and we are trying to merge a business who uses Gainsight SFDC Version in to our Gainsight NXT version. So, basically we need to associate all the assets from the Gainsight SFDC Version to the Gainsight NXT version. Now when I try to fetch the list of Tasks and it's associated playbooks in Gainsight NXT Version, I don't see any MDA which holds the Task data.  

3 replies

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Hello @kumaranbcak, thanks for posting on Community. Looping in our Product Manager to look into this and get back to you. 

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@kumaranbcak The equivalent of JBCXM_PlaybookTasks__c on NXT is Cockpit template. This holds the playbook task data.

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@sriram pasupathi I did not know the “Cockpit Template” held the Playbooks in NXT Edition. Thanks for sharing that knowledge.