What are common processes sponsor tracking is used for?

My organization is wanting to implement sponsor tracking. I understand that sponsor tracking allows us to receive notifications, CTAs, and create reports on activities of these sponsors, such as moving roles or companies, but what other ways can we utilize sponsor tracking? For example, will sponsor tracking integrate with the new org. chart feature?

Are there other ways your company is using sponsor tracking?


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Hi @caitlin_mclaughlin,

The use cases around Sponsor Tracking are usually around tracking departures of your sponsors early to mitigate risks, using your connect with erstwhile sponsors to drive opportunities in their new company, and to identify gaps in sponsors across your accounts.

We do have plans to integrate this in our People Maps feature, however, you'll also be always be able to track Sponsors irrespective of whether they are added to a map or not.



Thanks @kunal_bhat! Will the sponsor tracking integration with People Maps be released when People Maps are? Or do you plan to add that feature later?

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Yes, this will be added later.

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Hi Kunal,

Do you have any details you can share with the integration when it does occur/the roadmap of these 2? Our CSMs are very interested.

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Hi Shiela,

​To begin with, we'll be adding the option to track People from both the Person list view and the map view, as well as reflecting changes on People Maps. Along with integration with People Maps, Sponsor Tracking will be part of the "Person" section and will work off Gainsight Person and not Salesforce Contacts.

This will not only enable the integration with People Maps and the list view, it'll enable you to track Sponsors outside of Salesforce.