WalkMe Integration?

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Hi Community! We are gauging interest in a WalkMe Integration with Gainsight. Please vote for this post if you'd like to see a WalkMe Integration and provide details in the comments for what you'd like to see!

Currently we are looking at pulling in interaction data with WalkMe Guides/Messages into Gainsight. Any additional use caes?

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Marie, I'll connect you offline with a company I spoke to yesterday that's very interested in WalkMe integration. In addition to integrating the 'interaction data' to potentially drive CTAs & health in Gainsight, they're interested in a deeper analysis of the patterns & trends as well as getting 'end user' NPS responses back in Gainsight.
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Marie, we'd be interested in near future. Would love to set up a time to discuss.
I know this was posted a while ago so I'm not sure if it's still under consideration, but we are very interested in a WalkMe/Gainsight integration. I asked our WalkMe administrator about what would be good to bring into Gainsight:

1. Views/Interaction data on: Smart Walk-Thrus, Launchers, Shoutouts, SmartTips, Resources, Onboarding, Shuttles, and Surveys.

2. Custom Goals can be set up in WalkMe to define a goal being completed based on a set of events in the application after the launching of a walk-thru. We'd like to be able to track goal completion at the user level in Gainsight.

3. We'd like to be able to compile reports based on the unique WalkMe identifier of each user so the aggregate of events can be tracked by client.

We can setup a call to discuss if that would be helpful!