Using Salesforce Platform Events instead of Apex Triggers

  • 10 August 2022
  • 1 reply

Is anyone familiar with the Salesforce Platform Events framework? I requested new Apex triggers in SF from our Salesforce Developers and they pushed back and would like to switch to using Platform Events which I have very little understanding of but I assume Gainsight would still be able to interact with it the same way it would with an Apex trigger. If anyone has experience using Platform Events and knows it works fine or can point to some documentation would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks

1 reply

I would also like to know this.  Needing to write a separate Apex class for every single event, and then modify that apex class every time a new version is added in Gainsight is super duper clunky and a major issue.  What’s needed is a single apex action that can be put right into Salesforce Flow builder to easily trigger events based on changes in Salesforce.