Using MDA Picklist values in External Actions

  • 25 May 2021
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I am in the process of trying to create rules to transfer data to via External API, but running into a challenge when it comes to MDA picklist values

Gainsight Support has already enabled the backend flag that actual values to an S3 file  It does not appear possible to use the actual values in an External API call.

The only option is to create a Case Expression, but I have picklists with more than 10 options and GS Support says there is no way to extend that.

There is also not a way to identify the corresponding GSID for each option, particularly if any of the options have never been selected before.

Does anyone have any suggestions or alternative workarounds?

5 replies

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@darkknight thank you for sharing query here. 

I am not aware:thinking: will check with the product team.

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@sai_ram thanks.  Also the Case Expression option won’t work for Multipicklist fields because of the possible resulting combinations.

How does anyone picklist/multipicklist data to Snowflake (or other Data Warehouse) with these limitations?


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The only option/workaround I’ve been able to come up with is to build a data designer, bring in your multi select and gsid from that object. Then do a transformation and bring in all fields and perform a case statement on the multi-select. If gsid is not null output the multi select default is multi select.


This will output a multi-select and gsid pairing. Then you build a new object where there are only 3 fields, 2 are strings and one is multi select. Build a rule that fetches the data designer pairing and push to this new object. The identifier is the gsid string field, so only 1 line for each possible combination of the multi select.


Once that is done you simply source this object and merge the options in.


Not idea but gets you there.





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On second thought you could simply just push the multi select to a string value on the same record and then source it instead. Unless you want/need the GSIDs.


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@darkknight Thanks for the feedback . Will discuss this internally.