Tip of the Week: Use Sponsor Tracking to Reduce Churn

  • 27 February 2015
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One leading indicator of customer churn is the loss of a key customer contact. Gainsight's Sponsor Tracking feature allows you to track contacts listed in SFDC and monitor for anychanges to the contact’s title, location or company.

Here’s how you can set up Sponsor Tracking in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Enable Sponsor Tracking

  • Go to Administration
  • CS360 sections
  • Click edit next to “Sponsor Tracking” and ensure the box next to “Show in Customer 360” is checked
This will enable sponsor tracking to show up in your 360 view.

Step 2: Setup Rule to run Sponsor Tracking

  • Go to Administration
  • Rules
  • Edit the “Standard Sponsor Tracking” Rule. Edit the “Setup Action” tab per your preferences and edit the “Schedule” tab to run the rule daily.

Step 3: Sponsor Tracking Action

Once you’ve set it up, Sponsor Tracking is enabled in your 360 view. Watch this 4 minute video to get the most out of Sponsor Tracking.

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One of the steps that our CSMs use in their playbooks is to also reach out to our champion/sponsor in their new organization to find out if the team there is looking for solutions such as ours. Our champions can help us get introduced to the team and decision makers there, potentially creating an opportunity to sell our solution to this new company.