Suggestions for Person Admin

  • 12 August 2021
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Suggestions for Person Admin
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Hello everyone!

Hope everyone's safe and doing well.

I've recently joined the tribe of Gainsight as a Product Manager for the Person model, Sponsor Tracking and People Maps and I'm super excited to get working on my first project, revamp of the Person Admin section that would entail:-

  1. Person Upload config

  2. C360-Person Config

  3. Sponsor Tracking Config screen

  4. Rules Engine: Load to People actions

You can guide or nudge me by:-

  1. Suggesting enhancements

  2. Share pain points

  3. UX improvements

  4. Technical or functional gaps

  5. Any other feedback

I'm all in for this project and ready to read every bit of info, so please attach relevant images of screens where you'd like UX improvements/links to support tickets/ customer conversation(that can be shared) or any other artefact supported on this platform. You can even write a songšŸ™‚

Waiting to hear from you soon and I know you are generous.

Thank you,


28 replies

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@pgeorgeĀ duplicates are being created because we canā€™t use the GS Person ID as the unique identifier for person.Ā 

The real-time sync would be amazing and make our life easier thatā€™s for sure but we still need to be able to use the GS Person ID as the unique identifier for Person as the contacts created in Gainsight might be modified afterward in SF and this will need to sync back to GS as well.

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Ā Ā 

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@Shilpa GumnurĀ - we also need a way to makeĀ email address (Person) an optional field. It is making our use of People Maps unmanageable. Same issue as @Wayne, stated above.


cc - @christopher_sandersonĀ , @tonyaclemonsĀ