Suggestions for Person Admin

Suggestions for Person Admin

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This a big topic and I’m sure other items will come up as we go along, but I will start out with


  1. Allow admins the ability to write directly to the Person and Company Person tables (just like we do with Company) as opposed to (or in addition to)  a custom rule action type that limits our ability to manipulate data through rules (See the comment thread in the following post)



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Tied to above, give the ability to update records with no email.


Since email is not required email and due to a gap of not being able to show name in certain areas we have to push it to the rel or co person level. However, due to no email we can;t update via rules. 


So, giving the ability to update records without emails. All we need is the gsid of the record when email is not present.

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Can we please have the ability to make certain fields required on 360 UI side. Removing email as a required field is messing up our processes.


Additionally though being able to make Fname and Lname or custom fields is important too. Especially when trying to follow the guidance of person information being stored.

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Welcome @Shilpa Gumnur!!