SFDC Connector 2.0 Versus Rules Engine for Loading Accounts

  • 27 May 2020
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We are looking into moving away from Gainsight Connect as it is pulling non-customer and inactive accounts into our Company object.  Is there an advantage to using SFDC Connector 2.0 versus creating a rule to populate the object?   

Also, we found in the SFDC Edition documentation that if any data which was previously inserted into Gainsight from Salesforce, is modified in Salesforce, corresponding data in Gainsight NXT is updated. Is anyone using the SFDC Edition and can confirm SFDC record changes are pushed into Gainsight or if NXT is indeed required? 




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4 replies

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Hi @jenniferpa , we use a rule to load customers into GS for the exact reason you describe - we want to control which customers get loaded into Gainsight and when. In our case, we load the customers into GS shortly after a new opportunity is closed won and it also allows us to set some values in the Company object at that time.

We use the connector to push changes from SFDC to the GS Company object, so as long as the fields are mapped they should stay up to date. If you are referencing fields from the SF Account object directly, I believe those changes show up in real time since GS is just reading right from SF.

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Thanks, @mhoangws .  Since we are moving away from loading all accounts, setting a condition for when new accounts are loaded into Gainsight is a great idea! How are you filtering the connector to only push changes for accounts in Gainsight and not add any new active customer accounts (leaving the new accounts to be added by the rule)?

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Hi @jenniferpa , we have a filter in the job to only update if the Customer Info field on the Account object is not null. That prevents the connector from bringing over data of customers not already in GS.

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Hi @jenniferpa ,

I’m using the SFDC edition, and can advise that SFDC record changes are replicated into Gainsight automatically (without need to be on NXT)….so long as

  1. The object is configured in Salesforce Connect 2.0 (SFDC Account → MDA Company would definitely be a default inclusion)
  2. The field is included among the field mappings inside the job; and
  3. The record meets any filtering criteria you might have set inside the job.