S3 Export issue: New data columns are in the middle of the file not at the end

  • 31 March 2021
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Hello -


Wondering if anyone has come across this, and has a potential work around.  We have a few S3 exports that we have set up to provide to our data team.  We noticed that whenever we add a new field to the file export, that it typically shows up in the middle of the file.  This requires our data team to build a new file to deal with this change.   Expected behavior would be that any field that I add, shows up at the end of the data file.   Is there something I’m not doing that is causing this?


Seems that maybe it’s an issue where some fields have a label that’s been manually created, and these new ones don’t?



1 reply

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Hi Justin, is this by any chance arranging the fields in alphanumerical order?