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  • 14 August 2018
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We have just launched the Person object - very excited about this and more features coming soon!

Is there currently a way to be able to assign multiple relationships to each contact? We also have Relationships live in each C360 and I would like our CSMs to be able to assign different relationships to each contact. For example:

Customer ABC has three R360s - Blue, Green and Red
John works for ABC but he is only involved in Blue and Green, never Red. 
Is it possible to add a field in Person section in C360 that would allow to select the two relationships and assign them to John? 

Our R360s refresh on daily basis so aren't a static list, at the same time we have over 500 relationships so I would like to be able to have a drop-down list for CSM to use, rather than typing the actual names/relationship IDs directly.   

The main objectives of this are:
- ability to see which contacts belong to which relationships - something we don't have yet
- direct various datasets e.g. Zendesk data to the correct relationships using this mapping. So if John raises a ticket, this will appear in three places: C360: ABC, R360: Blue and R360: Green

Thanks in advance



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Hi Katerina,

Great to see you consuming the Gainsight Person model!

To answer your question, People can be associated to specific relationships. You can capture this by adding records in the Person section of an R360 (similar to how you have a Person section in C360).

So for instance, if we go with your example, if Customer ABC has three Relationships - Blue, Green and Red, you could go to the R360 of Blue and Green and add John there in the Person section.
John would then be associated to Customer ABC, hence visible in the Person section of ABC, and visible in the Person section of Blue and Green as well.

If you want to see John's associated relationships within the Person section in C360 without having to go to R360, and in addition see the relationships as a drop-down field within the Person section, it's still possible but setting that up would be a few additional steps.

Would you be available to get into a call so we can go over your use cases and figure out the best way we can solve them? You can email me at