Opt-Out Email Object - Be able to remove or add records via API

  • 23 November 2021
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We want to set up a stand alone Customer Preference landing page that multiple email senders will use (Marketo and GS). Right now, the way of editing Preference Management is manual via the email validator.


Has anyone implemented a similar solution using APIs to update the Opt-Out Emails object to manager customers preferences?

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Hi @andreammelde 

We haven’t done this but it’s something I’m looking into currently

Did you make any progress on this yourself? 

We also have Marketo, GS and a number of other platforms sending emails and need to use a centralised system/process for managing opt-outs.

I’m currently solving the ingest of opt-outs with a rule that merges opt-out preference from SFDC with the Email Opt-Out field in GS but I’m not clear on how to send emails from GS with a link to the centralised opt-out page to actually record the opt-outs.

Were you able to solve this side of things as GS support told me there is no way to use a custom opt-out link in our emails?