Office 365 Suite Integration with Gainsight

  • 9 April 2020
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Hi Team, 


One of our customers is looking for integration of Office 365 suite apps with Gainsight, specifically PowerBI and Sharepoint, but others will likely be close behind.


Do we have this planned currently in the roadmap for NXT tenant with Office 365? 




4 replies

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Looking for Share point List data bidirectional sync.

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This would be very have - one of our product teams has a requirement to do financial reporting via PowerBI, while we have everything else instrumented for them in Gainsight NXT. Although their main hub is PowerBI for that data, if we could pull it in to NXT they would have a single view into their customers. 


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We have the same desire to connect to Microsoft here - following 

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This is a much desired feature for our Microsoft based team- especially the bidirectional sync with SharePoint. Any update on this idea?