Object Not Found reported by Gainsight Analyzer - Is there any easy to find where this object is loc

  • 7 December 2018
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I scanned a rule using Gainsight Analyzer. One the alerts was that an object was not found. I can see in the results that it is a MDA type object and the object name is something machine readable but gives me little to go on to understand where this object is located and why it might be missing. Is there an easy way to query by object name within Data Management?

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Hi John,

Object was not found error is typically returned in cases where object has been deleted and when an object is deleted it will no longer be available in data management.

The action item here is to identify that this rule is no longer valid and would need to be re written.

But we would need to debug that further, Please write an email to support to debug that further for you.

Alternatively you can directly write to me @ specifying the exact rule name.

Thanks & Regards,