More Control over Scorecard Measures on the Usage Data Object

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There is very little control the end-user has over how Scorecard Measures are created and display on the Usage Data object. For example, we can't control through the Admin UI if a Scorecard Measure is available for display in the Usage Graph or change any of it's field names after it's created.

It's particularly troublesome if a Scorecard Measure name is similar to the name of an actual Usage Measure. There's no way to distinguish between the two in the Rules Engine and it is a common pitfall.

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Yes. This is an issue for me too.  I'm surprised it has not yet been addressed.
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Thanks for the feedback here. We are making significant changes to our scorecards now and definitely intend to addres this paint point. Will keep everyone posted.
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I recently started going through all of the unanswered or unresolved problems and questions here. Was checking to see if this  has been resolved or if it is an ongoing issue/question?