Map users - email to SFDC Account ID - via Person object

  • 20 March 2019
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Now we have Person Object part of every C360 and R360, our CSMs add new users and assign them to various accounts where relationships exist. So one user (email address) can be part of multiple C360s as well as R360s.

We have several other objects where we store users data using their email address e.g. product usage stats and webinars. Historically, we would always load SFDC Account ID as part of every object – this field would come prepopulated via our data lake and the mapping would have been done either before in enters the data lake or in the data lake so it would be already available in the dataset when it comes to Gainsight.

But now, we manage users mapping via Person object, I’d like to switch the “email -> SFDC Account ID” mapping to reflect the one in Company Person/Relationship Person. In other words, if a contact is associated with 5 different C360s and they attend a webinar, I would like this information to appear in all 5 C360s (multiplied), without having to manage a separate SFDC Account ID map in a data lake.

As per R360s, if a user belongs to both C360s and R360s, I’d like the data associated with this user to appear in both levels – C360 and R360s

At the same time, I am aware that we need SFDC Account ID to exist in an object to be able to run rules. So I’m not sure if I can achieve this via a rule i.e. upserting the SFDC Account ID from Company Person object to the Webinars object and how would that handle scenarios where a user belongs to multiple SFDC Account IDs

Can you let me know if there is a way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance


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