Lookups in Day Agg Case Sensitive?

  • 24 June 2017
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We are currently using a Day Agg function to lookup a value in our portal object on SFDC and match that value to the account name.  Are the lookups involved in this function case sensitive?  I'm finding a lot of the results are being returned as -999 "Account Not Found" even though they do match on everything except for the letter case. 

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2 replies

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What is the source of the data here? Currently it is a limitation within the product of not having ability to convert the case. It not only impacts the joining but also the counts (count of upper case and lower case value separately) when aggregated.

Is there any reason joining taking place of Account name, which is usually not a recommended one?
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Thanks Ashok - I thought that might be the case.  The source of the data does not include the Account ID and so I need to use the client's portal name to join, as opposed to Account ID.