Join MDA Tables On Date Field

  • 2 February 2018
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I have a use case in which I would like to be join together two MDA tables based on a "Date" Field. 

For context, I am capturing things like "Daily tickets created, Resolution, Bugs, etc." at both the Micro (customer level) and the Macro (org level) as a snapshot in the MDA. While my Micro table has an account ID the Macro table shouldn't, which is by design. My thought process here was that I could Join Macro -> Micro on "Date" which is the common field in both tables. 

The use case here would be that I could create one singular report and overlay (for example) the specific customers daily "Average Overall Resolution" time vs. our overall customer bases "Average Overall Resolution" time is. I can do this in two reports today, would just rather have it in one singular report. 

1 reply

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Hi Steve,

If you are looking for data in a csv format, you should explore Bionic Rules where you can perform various transformations, merges and aggregations  which can help you accomplish the use case you are trying to solve.
Further, if you can share the exact fields in both your tables and the format of your final output, we can see if Bionic Rules can help and assist you with the exact steps to be performed.