JIRA integration authorization error

  • 17 April 2021
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Hi all,

I deleted a previous JIRA integration to test environment but when I tied to add the connection for the production JIRA i got this error:

“Error occurred while saving connection. You have already created maximum number of allowed connections.”

Has anyone encountered such on Gainsight, how can it be resolved?


4 replies

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Hi @thamola I’ve turned this into a support ticket and someone from our support team will be following up with you to help you with this error. 

@dan_ahrens thank you, issue has been resolved.  The next hurdle is that internal infosec team is against using a JiRA admin account for the integration stating doubts of excessive and possible unauthorized access to company wide data on JiRA projects. 

 Have you any experience with JiRA integration where the access is restricted to specificincidents and projects alone using a basic Jira account?

Thanks for the assignment.

Hi @thamola 


These are the permissions we request from Jira while authorising the connection


The permissions are explicitly mentioned when you try authorising the user and we won’t be accessing any data that you don’t want to bring in Gainsight. Does this help you? If not, we can look into specific permissions of Jira and come back to you. Thanks!