Is it possible to view when a specific field was updated?

  • 18 May 2018
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Good Morning-

This is a related question from another thread I have running (, however the information I'm seeking is different enough that it may warrant a different thread.

I've traced the issue in the above link to a missing/inactive/broken data ingest.  We're not updating our Opportunity Close Date with the close date from the newest/future open opportunity.  

Before I dive into adding this ingest, is it possible to see when this specific field was last ingested into Gainsight (i.e. when the Opportunity Close Date cell in the MDA for, example, client "Company X" was last updated)?

I want to confirm that this field [i]is not currently being updated[i] before adding the ingest.

Also, our CCO mentioned that last time the previous admin was attempting to update this specific field via Gainsight Connect, issues were present where Gainsight wouldn't pull in data from the future opportunity, only for a previous closed/won opportunity (most of the time this was the first closed/won opportunity ever for that account in SFDC).



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Hey Jim,

I'm sorry its been several weeks and you didn't get any responses here. If you are still working on this, I suggest contacting