Is data that lives in a Salesforce custom object editable from within Gainsight? Can a record on the object be created within Gainsight?

I have a team that works in Gainsight and another that works in Salesforce, and they both manage a piece of customer data. The data currently lives in Salesforce, but we want both teams to be able to edit it. Is it possible to edit or create a record on the SFDC custom object from within Gainsight?

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You can create a rule that pushes information back into that Salesforce object, similarly you can create a rule that pulls information from that object.  Without knowing how you track changes so there isn’t a tug of war on data updates, adding a last modified date/time would be needed.

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Provided you are either on the SFDC edition, OR Hybrid NXT version you could potentially use linked objects as well (this essentially enables you to associate an SFDC record with a CTA that you can create/modify from a tab on the CTA).

Main thing is you need to ensure your permissions are such that your GS users also have read and edit permissions for that object.