Integrations: Data Load Configuration - how long does the aggregation step take?

  • 11 May 2016
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I am trying to reload some usage data for our product into an object located in the Data Management section (the data loaded before had errors), and then I am running the aggregation step from the Integration section.

But I have noticed really big differences in the time it takes for the integration to end, although I have a similar number of lines that are aggregated. It can take from several minutes to several hours, and I don't understand why. 

It's really hindering my work, because I don't know what I can count on.

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Data load configuration section under Integration section should not take more than a few minutes once the job is picked up by the system. I've tried to understand the details based on some of the logs but I don't see any request around Data load configuration.

From the Product mgmt point of view - My team owns this area and I would like to schedule a call with you, understand the Issue and provide the solution.

Using the new concept called "MDA Joins" that we introduced like 9 months ago, we can completely eliminate the step for Data load config and directly join with the Account.

So please let me know your availability either this week or early next week.My email address is