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  • 25 July 2020
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Has anyone set up an integration with a LMS? We use Docebo, so it would be great if anyone else has specifically worked with this tool. However, I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has set up any LMS at all.


I’m looking to get some help with the architecture of this integration and curious to see how others have set this up.



3 replies

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@Kate Thanks for posting it here, this is which I am hearing it for the first time. Could you please add more details here. Use-case will definitely help.

@All, did anyone got to know about this?

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Looks like there is a integration between Docebo and SFDC: https://www.docebo.com/knowledge-base/using-docebo-embedded-into-salesforce/

If that creates objects and data within SFDC, then those records could be used in Gainsight through the Salesforce Connector 2.0.


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@sai_ram Absolutely! For our use case, we’d like to ingest LMS data into our health scoring. E.g. if a customer uses many education resources during implementation, we’d want to give them a green score.

We’d also want to see which education resources on the LMS they’ve currently used, to drive appropriate CTAs.

Example scenario- let’s say Customer X has already seen training video 1-A which helps with the “Finance” module of our product. If we’re still seeing a decline in usage data in the Finance module, we wouldn’t want to recommend they use Training video 1-A...since they’ve already used this. That would not be effective. Knowing they’ve already looked at training video 1-A, we would be able to better tailor our messaging, and suggest they look at something they haven’t tried yet, such as a webinar recording.


@john_apple Thanks for sharing this article! I had not seen this before. This could be interesting, though I am not sure if this costs extra.


I’d be curious to see if anyone else ingests similar education data directly (or even indirectly) into GS.