Identifier fields in MDA object

  • 17 August 2016
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I created a new MDA table to store product usage data and I want to be able to configure fields as identifiers of the table.

I want 'Account ID' and 'Date' to be the identifiers of the table. How can I do that?

When creating the table I didn't see an option for that.

Also, Data Load Configuration is used to push data to MDA object?

If I'm using the Rules Engine in order to store data to my MDA on a daily basis, do I need to use the data load configuration as well?



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1 reply

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@Aviv Caspi - Usually Identifiers (Account, User  and Date)  are captured for processing the data via existing aggregation (Including Data load config) and Rules engine than at Object level.

So we would like to understand your requirement better about the need to have Account ID & Date Identifiers and then Data load Config.

Since I can't get your email address, one request for you - Can you please send an email to and copy my email address (