How to make sure Deleted Opps in SFDC are also Deleted in Gainsight

  • 11 January 2023
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I saw a solution for Renewal Center; however, the question is how do we make sure deleted Opportunities in SFDC are also removed from GS Opportunities if we don’t have Renewal Center?


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@simonechen Always nice to keep these systems in sync, right?

The bad news is there’s no direct way to delete a Gainsight record when its counterpart in SFDC is deleted.

The good news is you can mark the record for deletion, using a principle that’s similar to deactivating users:

  • Add a custom field to the GS Opportunity named “Deleted from SFDC” (or whatever you prefer)
  • Write a Bionic Rule to join GS Opportunity records with SFDC Opportunity records. This time, do a LEFT join, so you have ALL GS Opportunity records, and then merge in their SFDC counterparts.
  • For any GS Opportunity record that doesn’t join to an SFDC Opportunity counterpart, write to the field you created above.

From there, you can write your Reports to always exclude GS Opportunity records where that custom field is populated. You can also periodically use Data Operations, filtering on that custom field you created, which will easily surface the records in scope for deletion.

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Renewal Center would be the only way to automatically delete records from the object in Gainsight based off changes in Salesforce.

You could create a custom field on the Opportunity object in Gainsight for “Deleted from Salesforce” and make it Boolean (T/F). Then make a rule that queries your Gainsight Opportunities records and Salesforce Opportunity records. You would merge the two queries and retain all the Gainsight Opportunities and match to SFDC based on Opportunity ID. You would then do a Transform step in the Rule to filter only the merged records that did not have a matching Salesforce Opportunity ID. This should give you a list of only the records that do not have a Salesforce record. You would then have an Action to update the Opportunity record and use a Custom mapping to set the “Deleted from Salesforce” records to “True”. 

If you used the GS Opportunity object you would have to filter your reports based on that field since I do not think you can delete records from Data Management (it is a system object). If you used a Custom object instead for your Opportunities in Gainsight - then you could delete records from Data Management by filter the Data view on that field.

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Thank you both!

@john_apple - I did see in Connectors 2.0 that there is the setting below even though I don’t have Renewal Center:


Does that mean this won’t work?

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That should only work with Renewal Center being active. You could always test and see if might work regardless.

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Understood - will consider potentially testing or reach out to Support. Thank you!

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Back in the day that toggle used to work irrespective of Renewal Center being active but I am not sure if the current behaviour is still the same. 

@simonechen Just stumbled upon this thread -- did you end up testing whether that toggle works even though your team doesn’t have Renewal Center activated in your tenant?