How to identify company key/primary contact?

  • 6 December 2021
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Is there any way to identify company key/primary contact?

We have a usecase where we want to auto send email from GS program to only one contact per company/account who have attended ABR call. For ex. we can create new field under “Company Person” object of boolean type “Is Primary Contact” and if there is already any contact present which is marked as “primary contact” then it should not allow user to make any second contact as primary. (only any one contact can be marked as primary contact per account).


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You can’t prevent the entry of data in one record based on some condition present in another record associated with that account. 

The best solution here would be to have a dashboard with a report showing all accounts where the number of Primary Contacts is >1. This will let you review the contacts tagged and then the account team can determine which should remain and which should be removed as a primary contact.