How much data can be housed in MDA?

  • 10 July 2017
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We are currently receiving some of our data on a weekly basis that is summarized due to the size/amount of data that would be included if we received it on a daily basis. However, there would be a lot of benefit to having it on a daily basis as we would be able to more proactively engage with our customers. Is there a volume restriction on what can be loaded into the MDA? 

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Hi Samantha,

Could you please elaborate a little more on -
How do you put the gathered usage data to use i.e creating CTA's or scorecards or reports and dashboards
a.what actions are you taking on top of the weekly summarised data
b.what additional benefit would you get on getting day level data 

You could choose to bring in day level data, but when the data volumes are very high it severely affects the performance in reporting.
But you could raise a request to archive your older data which can help you in bringing in daily data without worrying about data volumes

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We leverage the data for both CTA's and Scorecarding today. By moving to daily, here are a few things that we would be able to achieve: 

  • More proactive CTA's that are based off of the previous day's activity and not a potential 1-week lag
  • Ability to kick-off 1:many communications immediately following a customer's activity rather than the potential 1-week lag
  • Move customers more quickly through the onboarding phase and into production without the 1-week lag
  • More precise 
As of right now, a customer could start using our product on Monday and a communication would not be sent until the following Monday because we don't receive the data until Wednesday. 

At what point does the data volume start to impact the performance of reporting? And are there any limitations as to how much data we can store in the MDA before the potential for additional fees? 
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Most of our MDA-storage customers using between 10-25 GB with about 5% of customers over that.

As Lakshmi mentions, you can think about is using daily data and also aggregate to weekly.  You may not need to keep daily data for as long as you would want usage history.  So perhaps you have daily for 6 months-13 months daily and then have weekly for longer.