FinancialForce and Gainsight Collaboration

  • 27 August 2016
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I am wondering if anyone has integrated FinancialForce data with Gainsight in any way? We are looking to learn from others' experiences to gather best practices around doing this. Thanks!

6 replies

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Hi Aurelia! We do not have any official materials for how to integrate with FinancialForce but, as they are also a SF managed package, you should be able to integrate the information directly through Salesforce. FinancialForce is also a Gainsight customer and will likely have good insight on how they handled it.

Would be interested to hear if anyone else in Community has some advice to share!

Curious if there are any insights here. We’re looking to do the same but can’t find any other documentation or recommendations. 

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@Wihoward I’ve previously introduced FinancialForce (now Certinia) data into Gainsight, though it’s admittedly been a bit. From a high level, I used Salesforce as “middlewear” and the Salesforce connector or the Rules Engine to actually ingest the Certinia data into Gainsight’s MDA. 

Tell us more about your use case, and what outcomes you would like to achieve with the Certinia data inside Gainsight, and the community may then have more specific input for you.

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We recently did this for our services team. We are using Rules, Data Designer, Relationships, and Success Plans to host some of this info and trigger off of. When looking at the data we are using the Salesforce integration and pulling from the FinancialForce objects that are part of the installed package.

  • Relationships - We have create a Relationship Type of Project. We have added fields to the Relationship object that match some of the fields in FinancialForce so we can show that info in the R360. One of the fields being the Project Record Id in salesforce so that we can use it to update the relationship or show data related to that relationship in the R360. I also use this ID to create a URL field so that our services folks can easily get to their projects in Financial Force and manage the work they need to do there.
  • Data Designer - We use Data Designer to show Assignment and Timecard information and then create reports we include on the R360 and in Dashboards. 
  • Success Plans - We create success plans based off the specific SKUs associated with the project. The type of SKU dictates the template assigned to the success plan.
  • Rules Engine - We use rules to create and update the Project Relationships. We are also using the rules engine to create the success plan once specific information is updated on the project in FinancialForce.

Not sure if this meets your use case, but that is a quick overview of how we are using FinancialForce data. Hope it helps!

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Curious if there are any insights here. We’re looking to do the same but can’t find any other documentation or recommendations. 

Hi @Wihoward !! I work at Certinia and we can totally have a call if you want to talk through your use cases and stuff! Here’s my calendar


This is a lot of great information, thank you! I was really surprised at how little data there was on the support site around it because it’s going to be really powerful for us as we continue to mature. Right now we’re starting out small and just want to get project status data to our CSEs which will drive onboarding journeys as the projects close. Does the GS API account (account used in the SFDC connector) need to have a Certinia license or can permissions be set outside of that?