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I raised this issue to support, but figured I'd come to the community as well in case I get a quicker response.

I want to enable an MDA table to use joins, but do not seem to have the capability on a particular table.

This document says "Note: Currently, we support creation of lookup relation only on MDA objects for which joins are allowed."
But it does not tell me how to enable joins on an MDA table where Allow Joins is set to false.  I cannot seem to find this explained anywhere else either.  Hopefully I have just overlooked it.

See attached image.  Support Health Scorecard table shows Joins Allowed = true, but Predictive Health Scorecard shows Joins Allowed = false.  Any guidance?


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Hello Jeff, even though your application has been migrated to Redshift data store, some object reside in Redshift and some in MongoDB. Primarily all objects having large number of records have been migrated to reside in Redshift from MongoDB data store for query performance. 

Currently, we allow joins on those objects which are residing in Redshift, hence the "Joins allowed" property is true for them and those object which are still in MongoDB are non-joinable as MongoDB do not support joins.
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can I get this table migrated to Redshift?
Not a trivial task as the business logic & query depends on the object location. Quick solution that I can think of is to create a custom object via Data Management that has all the fields you need from this object and schedule a rule to populate this custom object. That custom object would allow joins.

I would discuss with team and post it if any better solution is there.
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This was a custom created object. Created several months ago. Was there a point in time when new MDA objects started getting created in Redshift?
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Ajit and I would to setup a call with you and answer your questions on this. Going to send you an email. In addition to this, we would also like to discuss about our additional Joins options that we are going to introduce as part of Bionic Rules.

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Pretty sure we migrated this table over to Redshift to solve this issue. Is this correct, Jeff?
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Yes that's correct