Dollar Values within Gainsight_Over the Thousands

  • 1 October 2015
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There are two places within Gainsight where our roll-up dollar values are showing inconsistently or where it's confusing when you look at the numbers.  For instance, in the Customers tab, my total revenue is $252M and yet in the summary tab it is showing as $252,809K.  Additionally, in the Customer 360 our AUM (Assets under Management) for our customers which can and often does go in to the billions for Financial services firms, the totals also show as a 'K' rather than either the true number or with a 'B'.  Notice that the AUM to the side in the Summary shows the true number where the roll up of AUM in green on screenshot #1 shows the 'K'.
I've attached both screen shots here for your review. 

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2 replies

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Thanks for the providing the feedback. We will definitely fix this. I will keep you updated as we make progress. 
Great! This confuses our users, too!