Database schema with primary and secondary keys to build external to Gainsight product universe for reporting

  • 16 March 2021
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Greetings Gainsight Community, 

I am looking for a database schema with primary and secondary keys.  I need this to be able to build from the 18 or 19 exported Gainsight tables.  I am building a product universe for reporting and increased dashboarding with other company data outside of the Gainsight environment.


Thanks for reviewing my post.  All contributions are very welcome as it will be more than I had today when I posted this question.

Hope your day is filled with joy and fun!



4 replies

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Hi @Janine Marlatt can you share a bit more about your use case? If you’re looking to integrate Gainsight data with other non-Gainsight data sources, we have a number of solutions that can help with that. If you want to use Gainsight data outside of Gainsight, we have a full integration with Tableau to let you leverage Gainsight data in that BI tool. If you want to use external data in Gainsight, we have a number of tools to bring that data in to combine for extensive reporting and dashboarding use cases. 

Hi Dan,

We are currently exporting 19 data tables via api into the AWS S3 bucket.  And this is for each Gainsight product tenant.  Very tedious and then something will need to be built to look across all tenants.


Another need just came up to report the in-app performance engagement data for looking at who touched the engagements.  instead of painstakingly going into each one and exporting the detail data… is there a better way to do this?

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@Janine Marlatt Thanks for the feedback.Would it be possible for you to elaborate on the usecase and painpoints.

We are building where an internet application is a unique tenant in Gainsight.

I am looking for engagement high level dashboard across all Tenants so that we can count the number of assets (engagements) , number of unique viewers, and total number of users.


Also, when listing the analytics/knowledge center/integrated articles.  One must click on the blue link for number of users and then individually export the data.  Why not allow export at the article level?

I wrote a python program to consolidate the engagement exports and the integrated articles exports and tie the download file to the actual engagement name.