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  • 24 June 2021
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I have a customer use case where for a set of CSMS, customer want to restrict few CTA types showing up in the dropdown while creating the CTA. Applying data permission on DA picklist is restricting those CTA types at object level but still appearing in the list on CTA creation page. 

Also, can we restrict one set of CSMs tagging another set of CSMs(CSMs of one region tagging CSMs from other region) in timeline?

Is there a way to achieve these? If not is there anything on roadmap which enables this?


3 replies

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@Jyothsna Your query includes multiple requests, I will have to confirm with multiple teams on this before I leave a comment here. 

Thank you for sharing your requests here.

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I’d like to also add similar use cases for Timeline Activities:

  1. Is it possible to restrict visibility of certain Activity Types to CSM Group1 and visibility of other activity types to CSM Group2?
  2. On Global Timeline, is it possible to show activity list (from other CSMs too) only for the account(s) which the ‘currently logged in CSM’ has access to in Gainsight?
    Note: Currently, even though a logged in CSM is restricted to search for a subset of accounts, the Global timeline shows activities from all companies/CSMs.
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@Jyothsna We understand your use case but this is currently not available and we don’t have anything planned in our immediate roadmap.