Connectors within Gainsight to SQL Servers

  • 11 January 2017
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We are currently able to access different reports/pivot tables in Excel that are connected directly to our data warehouse allowing us to simply 'refresh' as needed. Being able to replicate this same functionality within Gainsight would allow us to create the rules and reports that are more easily 'real time' indicators of customer behaviors. 

Is something like this on the roadmap or is a capability today? 

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Samantha - Currently we are not providing any live connection to our data bases to get you 'real time' indicators. At this moment, this is not in our roadmap as well.

But alternatively, though this is not 'real time' solution, following may be an option for you to take the power of Excel for your reporting beyond what is available from Gainsight Reporting option.

With Winter release (Feb-2017), we are going to provide two features.

1) Bionic Rules : Allowing to query SFDC + MDA data together and process the data. This opens up the gates to query any object, join / filter as per your business need and prepare a data set that would provide better analytics option. It is almost like preparing a materialized data space or a OLAP cube with dimensions and facts.

2) Export to S3 : Once the data set is available, export the larger data sets to Export to S3. Earlier we had a limit of 100K rows only export. 

So if you can connect to S3 via Excel (though I did not try hands-on, seems to be a possibility) or download the file from S3 to your disk and connect to Excel, you will be able to get the reporting & visualization from the file.

I repeat - Though this is not a live connection to address 'Refresh' requirement but it is closer solution to take the power of 3rd party reporting including Excel or Excel pivot or Excel's Power Pivot or Power view.