Can Gainsight fetch data from an SQL server to write to MDA?

  • 18 January 2022
  • 4 replies

Is it possible for Gainsight to get data from an SQL server to write to MDA (custom object), i.e. with a custom connector or external actions? Has anyone done this and would be willing to tell us how they did it?

4 replies

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@rakesh would you be able to share anything in this regard?

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@Ritesh Sharma could you pl take a look

Hi @andutta  @Ritesh Sharma  @rakesh 

Any ideas on this? Thank you!


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We don’t have a direct connector with SQL Server. So we can get the data via S3 connector i.e. load data from SQL Server to S3 and then create rules in Gainsight to bring that data from S3 to Gainsight