Bring back inline search in Data Management Horizon

  • 14 February 2022
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In Data Management HA everything requires more clicks. Searching for objects and fields within an object is now behind filters. Some default filters are propped in the banner, but not all. It is so much easier to search for objects and fields in the non HA version with inline search for all data attributes. 

In addition, data editability and schema editability are not even attributes you can see about a field or object in the new version. In the new version, how do you find what actions are allowed on a particular field? At a glance, how do you know if you can delete a field or which fields are editable in an object? 

Finding dependencies is really difficult in the new version. In the old version, I can start typing a field name and possible results will appear. In the new version you have to type the exact field name to get results. 

I wish there is an option to permanently disable the banner. 

Edit object/fields are displayed even for system objects where nothing can be edited or deleted. It just clutters the page and is confusing.

Can’t think of why all the available field types when adding a field to an object takes a third of the page now. Dropdown was just fine. At least, allow to hide it or resize it.

Oh, you can’t update a field type while you are adding it. If by chance I filled the details of a string field but then decide it should be a number, I can’t just update the type before saving it. I’d have to delete and start again. 

Curious what other admins like or dislike about the new data management UI.





1 reply

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