Best Practices for S3 project setup

  • 9 December 2016
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Administration > Connectors > S3 Connector; + Data Ingest Job

1) Data Ingest Job Setup

[i]Source CSV File

  • AVOID having file name with leading spaces
  • "Source CSV File" should match exactly with "File name" that will be pushed into S3 bucket

[i]File Properties

  • Ensure source CSV file properties matches with properties defined in Project Setup like Char Encoding, Quote Char, Separator,Header Line, Escape Char
  • Do not send Char Encoding “UTF-8 WITH BOM”
[i]Data Load Operation 

  • UPSERT - Ensure you have right keys in place to identify unique records  
  • AVOID changing UPSERT KEYS once data loaded into MDA object
  • Utilize "Administration > Operations > Data Management > [i][Click on an existing object] > Update Keys - BETA" feature, to select UPDATE keys at object level. This will allow not to accidentally make changes to the keys in S3 ingest job and ensures integrity.
2) Field Mapping

  • Source CSV field should match exactly with CSV header names 
  • AVOID having leading or trailing spaces in CSV header names
  • AVOID placing special characters in CSV header names (unless required)
  • AVOID having duplicate CSV header names

3) Schedule 

  • Utilize option “Send email notification to” to receive notification on S3 job execution details (success or failed)
  • Prefer POST FILE UPLOAD option and ensure minimum gap of two hours between file uploads.
  • On any given day, you can upload up to five files with a maximum size of up to 200MB

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Thanks for sharing, Roja!!